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      The ultimate titanium industry: a change and a huge change

      2020-11-18 09:44:45

      With, commonly used Chinese characters, upper and lower structure, with eight radicals. In the shape of an oracle bone, there is a "ding" on the top and two hands on the bottom, which means that both hands are holding a pot (tableware) containing food. In a sense, tea sets, cups, wine sets, tableware, etc. can be collectively referred to as "ding utensils."

      A few years ago, when Baoji came into contact with Titanium Titanium’s "Titanium Liwei" pure titanium vacuum flask, titanium tea set and other titanium civilian life products, I saw two conspicuous words "with change" in its product introduction. At that time, The reporter and Liu Wen, deputy general manager of Extreme Titanium, discussed the changes in the materials of cups, tableware and tea sets from ancient times to the present. The process of interpretation of various materials such as bronze, gold, silver, ceramics, plastics, glass, aluminum, and stainless steel is actually the process of social civilization and progress, as well as the process of human pursuit of health. When heavy metals are harmful to human health, when 304 stainless steel is being developed and upgraded, a kind of titanium called "biophilic metal" has quietly come to us, setting off a healthy fashion trend. In particular, the health of medical titanium implants in patients without taking them out has been recognized. Titanium metal has entered people's health vision from military, medical, civilian and daily life products.


      Seeing the "substantial changes" in the Xtreme Titanium industry, the reporter thought of the "tremendous changes" and asked Liu Wen whether the Xtreme team has the deep cultural connotation and vision for the changes to the dramatic changes. "Da Pan, currently only you have seen the story behind the ultimate change." Liu Wen replied. Since then, reporters have started to track the "concrete changes" of the ultimate titanium industry, began to record the wind, rain and rainbow of the ultimate titanium industry, step by step witnessed the process of the ultimate titanium industry's "great change", and accumulated the cause of the ultimate titanium industry. The great change of flower buds towards blooming. Although the ultimate titanium industry is still on the trajectory of great changes and is still experiencing the baptism of wind and rain, it is already in the process of "wind and rain send spring back, blizzard welcomes spring. It is already a cliff with hundreds of feet of ice, and there are still flowers." In the process of research and development, we saw that the Titanium Liwei brand is experiencing a landscape that belongs to the ultimate person in the "flowery branches".

         Giant, big, big, huge, giant, etc. Judging from these interpretations of giants, the reporter believes that Ultimate Titanium has opened up the road of craftsmanship for the sake of "Ding Qi".


      After keeping in mind the reporter's plan to track outstanding titanium companies and potential titanium companies, two or three years ago, they started to track the production, operation, scientific and technological research and development of dozens of companies related to the titanium industry, and record them. File retention. Since tracking the ultimate titanium industry, the reporter slowly understood the thoughts and thoughts of the transformation to the great change on its "Titanium Levi" product.

         In June 2017, I had a face-to-face exchange with Wang Jun, general manager of Extreme Titanium in Shenzhen, and found that Wang Jun is a very thoughtful entrepreneur. What do you do to make a good product and find a good partner! What titanium civilian consumer goods market is a blue ocean! What to integrate technical resources, production resources, etc. From this, I saw that the blue ocean in the heart of an entrepreneur is very vast, and I saw that Extreme Titanium is a thinker and practitioner who thinks first and acts.

         You can go as far as your thoughts are, and the broad sea of thoughts in your heart will make way for you.

         The ancients once said: Seek the top to get the middle, and the seek to get the bottom. In other words, the higher the goal, the greater the possibility of success. Some people can't even think about it, how can they be successful? Only when thinking enters can you see what ordinary people cannot see, get out of the puzzle, and enter life. Since its establishment in 2014, Extreme Titanium has been advancing on the road of "seeking up", and has been advancing in the "extreme" effort. Wang Jun requires the ultimate team members to dare to think, be good at thinking, and diligent in practice.

        The owner-flow team of Ultimate Titanium is almost all young people born in the 90s. They are thinking about research and development, wanting to be in the market, and weaving their thinking online and offline. Tan Lin, who is in charge of online products, said that he was born in 1990, and he feels that he is 30 years old and he is a post-90s man. In this year’s epidemic, online sales of the ultimate titanium industry have sprung up. Pure titanium cups and pots have rushed to the top 20 and top 5 on Tmall-related product platforms. The performance is good and has attracted the attention of small household appliances companies across industries. The "V" brand is slowly standing up, perhaps this is the prelude to the great changes caused by the changes.

         Online and offline, thoughts are intertwined. From ancient times to the present, materials have caused changes and thoughts have been infused with great changes. Extreme people are brewing with thoughts, casting with research and development, and building the "Titanium Life" brand with the market.


        The combination of thinking and thinking has the vitality of products and products. Light thinking does not want to practice, thinking is "lovesickness", and "love" is difficult. Since 2014, Extreme Titanium people and "Extreme" have been on the bar. Everyone wants to have a beautiful love. Which product that pursues the "extreme" will not like it? The ultimate people are trying to make the product quality change bit by bit in the process of pursuing the ultimate.

        合. According to legend, it is ancient, and the three are the same. It means that the whole body, upper and lower limbs, and all the limbs can cooperate with each other during exercise, so that the range of movement of the whole body, the speed of movement, the magnitude and direction of the force, the relative position of the limbs are just right, and there is no over or under. A ligature is played to the point of integration in the ultimate titanium industry. The reporter once discussed some cultural elements in the product design of "Titanium Levi" with the design partners of Extreme Titanium, and learned from their mouths some incomprehensible to the ultimate solution.

      Wang Jun asked the design team members not to confine their thoughts in the world of cups and pots, not only to visit the design thinking of cups and pots, but to perceive the concept of design in cross-industry and cross-fields, and find "combined" in common points and aspects. Fusion. After participating in many seemingly unrelated cross-border art exhibitions such as clothing design and ceramic design, the puzzled designers seemed to have found the design inspiration of the "Titanium Liwei" cup and pot horizon: integrate and understand. , The same line.

        Cup and Pot Vision is a magical kaleidoscope. The dazzling array of cup and pot horizons refine their own characteristics in "changing and unchanging, unchanging and changing". Without characteristics, it is difficult to have oneself. As a result, quality, taste and brand have become characteristics. Although there has not yet been a strong brand in the field of titanium tools, the "Titanium Life" of Extreme Titanium has already taken the lead. Nowadays, you only need to enter "Ti Liwei" on many websites such as Baidu and Toutiao. As a result, the items related to "Ti Liwei" will pop up. It can be seen that the "Titanium Liwei" symbol has been on the road of the titanium civilian life brand.

      Recently, the reporter learned from a number of titanium civilian life museums in Baoji·China Titanium Valley that the ultimate titanium industry "Titanium Liwei" cup and pot products are very good in the industry, especially the true temperament and elegance of the titanium color really blend in The ultimate human temperament. Good products must have their own characteristics and temperament. It seems that Extreme Titanium has found the integration of art in the "combination", and is gradually tapping the vitality and vitality of "Ti Liwei" in the integration of art.


      Combination is for reference, life is vitality, and there is no best in the hugely changed "Titanium Life", only better.


         In 2014, since Extreme Titanium entered the field of titanium cup pots, it has suffered a lot and suffered many hardships in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Accompanied by wind and rain, wind and snow, experienced the hardships of starting a business, and tasted the hard work of the road ahead. The Extreme Team survived the pre-dawn darkness. Isn't this perseverance and toughness the excellent qualities of titanium? Beginning in 2017, the ultimate titanium industry has gradually been walking on a flat, low-profit trajectory, constantly investing in scientific and technological research and development, and constantly improving product quality, finally letting the "Titanium Life" brand Xiaohe reveal a sharp corner .

         Not long ago, the sharp-eyed friends of the ultimate titanium industry accidentally discovered that the famous actress used the "Titanium Liwei" brand pure titanium insulation pot in the popular program of "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" on Hunan Satellite TV. The celebrity is not invited to endorse, but the celebrity is inadvertently endorsing, this is the quality supporting the brand. The reporter was informed that Lu Jian, the national first-level director of China Film Group, the famous sketch actor Guo Da, the first prize winner of the 2019 "Xia Yan Cup" Chinese film screenwriter Wu Yan, the Hong Kong actor Li Daoyu, and the famous calligrapher and sculptor Zhang Yuming of Tianjin, etc. In use "Titanium Liwei" pure titanium vacuum flask. The "star effect" appears to be an effect, but behind the effect is a choice of healthy and quality life. This is a testament to Wang Jun's proposal of "small business and big business, small market and big business".

         In 2014, the ultimate titanium industry involved in titanium health products, and in 2019, the ultimate titanium industry "bounded" into cross-border fields such as small home appliances. Among the different worlds, the pattern and vision of Ultimate Titanium have converged from streams to rivers. This change of thinking has sublimated the width, thickness and height of the development of Ultimate Titanium. "Small business and big business, small market and big business." Wang Jun said that Extreme Titanium is preparing to jump out of the titanium circle and do it, meaning that although it is in the titanium circle, its vision cannot just stay on the titanium circle. Now, the tentacles of "Ti Liwei" have extended to the small household appliance industry, and "grafting" the healthy quality of titanium into small household appliances, creating "small and beautiful, small and specialized, small and sophisticated" household appliances. In 2020, "Titanium Liwei" pure titanium pocket electric kettles and health pots have emerged on Tmall.com. For niche products, titanium civilian products can squeeze out a good ranking among so many small home appliances. Does it prove the "small market" A clear vision of the “big cross game”? Does it prove the broad pattern of "small business and big business"? Does it prove that the market space for titanium civilian life products is increasing?

      Changes and Great Changes

         Tea sets, tableware, cups, and wine utensils converge into the "drinking utensils" of life. The materials lead to the evolution of the utensils, and the thinking initiates the sublimation of the utensils. After careful investigation, I am pleased to find that behind the ultimate titanium industry’s transformation from a tool to a huge change is the ultimate combination of technology research and development and culture and art, which is the ultimate pursuit of product quality and brand establishment. Therefore, the titanium civilian life products under the brand "Titanium Liwei" With the beauty of its own characteristics.

      The reporter has been involved in the Xtreme team many times and participated in the team building activities of their post-90s team. Inadvertently learned that Xtreme Titanium employees ask themselves five questions every day. After reading the five self-questions carefully, it seems that they have found a culture that has changed to a huge change. Connotation, artistic accomplishment, cultivation of human nature, professionalism, etc. Going in to read and thinking out, the reporter lamented that in the upcoming "14th Five-Year Plan", there may be a resounding brand "Titanium Life" based on the titanium civilian consumer goods market.


      Let's take a look at the five questions that the ultimate titanium industry people ask themselves every day ---

        01. Are you senior gray today?

      This sentence reminds us to think repeatedly about brand tonality. Our philosophy is "pursuing traits is better than pursuing beauty." We must always keep in mind what the traits we pursue are-titanium is our lifeblood, and brand tonality should be enriched with connotation It is mainly titanium gray that is not strong, not dazzling, and harmonious.

        02. Did you listen to music today?

         This sentence reminds us that we must have relaxation, rhythm and rhythm. Each instrument has its own characteristics, but only when these elements can be perfectly matched in a "symphony orchestra" can we truly feel the universal aesthetic.

        03. Have you had Versailles today?

         This sentence reminds us to keep brand positioning in mind. The Palace of Versailles was a palace-level treasure that condensed almost all aesthetics in the heyday of France. Titanium is a relatively expensive material and is widely used in high-end technology. This determines our positioning to focus on reflecting the courage and expensiveness of titanium. gas.

        04. Did you travel far today?

         This sentence reminds us to remember to look at the vast world in the distance, and our thinking cannot be limited or imprisoned in order to make a difference.

        05. Did you wear jewelry today?

         This sentence reminds us to be exquisite in life, meticulous in work, ordinary daily needs beauty to embellish, our products and services are the same, we must strive to be fascinating in details.

         Gou has changed to a huge change and is still working hard

         Interview Notes:

         Transformation is the process of material evolution, and great change is the process of thinking improvement. The "great change" of the ultimate titanium industry is still under exploration, but the pursuit of the ultimate titanium industry is a quality. It is difficult to have perfect and ultimate things in the world, but the ultimate is a kind of goal. When you move towards the ultimate goal, it means that you are getting closer and closer to excellence.

         Seek to be the best, to be the best, and to be exquisite. The more ambitious the goal, the better the career, the more exquisite quality, and the more brilliant the brand. The ultimate titanium industry has been along the way, perhaps just as they named "Ultra", "Ultra" is their career goal. Although they can't achieve perfect "Ultra", it must be a better "Ultra" every day. The people of Extreme Titanium believe that they will take care of the extreme. Only in this way can the extreme titanium civilian life products truly "stand up" in the market. Perhaps this is the interpretation of why the product brand of Extreme Titanium is called "Titanium Life".

         The ultimate future, there is no best, only better. It is the material that has changed, and the wisdom that has changed dramatically. With the material, how to infuse culture and art, technology and wisdom, market and consumption to produce tremendous changes will be the eternal pursuit of the ultimate titanium industry.

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